Whether you ride motocross, supercross, off-road or trail ride you as a rider can benefit from our suspension services!!  All information gathered from the rider is used to customize their own personal setup. Our main goal is to provide every single customer with a quality level of service that they cannot get anywhere else. We guarantee you JD Performance Suspension Services will outperform the rest!

We offer suspension set-ups for any type of riding:                               MX,  SX,  Off-Road etc.

Every Single Setup we do is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!!!!

Suspension Services & Pricing

Fork Revalve $159.95 (includes valving parts, shims, internal mods)
Shock Revalve $159.95 (includes valving parts, shims, internal mods)
At JDPMX we take every single valving circuit into consideration when we tune your suspension. Fork rebound, base valve, low speed valve and mid speed valve—-Shock valving on compression and rebound as well as compression adjuster settings are modified. This paired with a handful of internal mods and internal parts makes our job outperform the rest! A basic “piston kit” is simply not the best!!

It is critical to have the correct fork and shock spring rate in order to achieve maximum performance!

Fork Rebuild $79.95 (includes labor- parts extra)
Shock Rebuild $79.95 (includes labor- parts extra)
Fork Oil Change $59.95
Shock Oil Change $59.95
All services include complete disassembly & cleaning of all components. All components are inspected for wear, then reassembled using only the BEST parts available for every application that we have carefully selected. All prices are with suspension off of bike. If left on bike add $25 per end.
Works suspension parts available for every application

  • KTM shock reservoir kits for 85cc-450cc
  • Link Arms
  • Spring Seats(terrain specific)
  • Fork and Shock Pistons
  • Anodize kits
We stock a ton of high quality parts!!

  • Fork and Shock Springs
  • Fork Oil Seals, Dust Seals, Bushings etc
  • Shock Oil Seals, Dust Seals, Bushings, Nitrogen Bladders, Bumpers, etc
  • Linkage and Swingarm bearing kits


2 thoughts on “Suspension”

  1. My boys have always raced stock bikes at all of the local tracks, then 3 years ago we decided to make the commitment to race the National GNCC Series. With that we knew we needed to make some changes to our bike. We took our KTM to see Jay at JDPerformance. Jay worked his magic and when we got the KTM back it was more than we expected. The first practice out we took 10 seconds off a lap. Jays attention to detail, dedication to staying ahead of whats new and his personal touch makes him the best.
    The personal touch is what separates him from the rest. He comes to practices to check on his riders, he comes to races to make sure his riders are ready. I have never seen him show up at the track and not help make someone better, someone faster, and listen to the needs of his guys.
    McManus racing has been with JDPerformance since the beginning, it was the best decision that we ever made as far as improving our race team.
    He doesn’t stop at suspension. He does all types of service and motor work, he even changes tires…..quality work and quality service with a personal touch is what makes JDPerformance the best!!

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